after school IU, Sandara, Minzy & Suzy walked to the mall near the kirin while walking ..
Sandara: “IU honest with us if you prefer to Wooyoung?”
IU: “huh? Wooyoung a man so handsome and so attention is not”
Minzy: “IU you said not long like the old love”
IU: “do until” said IU as brisk walking
Suzy: “Sandara Minzy hi I have a plan”
Sandara & Minzy: “what?”
Suzy: “I am here Whispering” Suzy was whispering his plans
IU: “why do you guys all the way long?”
Suzy, Sandara & Minzy: “nothing”
evening at home IU
Suzy, Sandara & Minzy: “excuse me auntie”
IU mama: “yes you are?”
Suzy: “here we are friends IU tante”
IU mama: “ah yes please go directly to the room IU”
Suzy, Sandara & Minzy: “yes”
at room IU
Sandara: “if ye IU how I dressed”
Minzy: “IU as you know very well dressed Sandara”
IU: “yes it is set”
Suzy: “I went out for a minute”
IU: “yes”
beyond the call Suzy taecyoen
Suzy: “hello Taecyeon”
Taecyeon: “yes whats up Suzy?”
Suzy: “so I’m making a plan that Taecyeon to get closer to the IUWooyoung like where do you agree?”
Taecyeon: “of course it’s a good idea”
Suzy: “OK now I’m dressed IU Sandara Minzy you prepare the other yes”
Taecyeon: “I’ll see you at the party de Suzy I hope you come upwith special”
Suzy: “definitely Taecyeon bye ~”
Taecyeon: “bye ~”
after calling Suzy Taecyeon hurried to dress herself
Sandara: “It sounds like a car”
Minzy: “well it is true that the car sounds a lot”
IU: “No what?”
Suzy: “quiet calm that we pick up are you ready?”
Minzy, Sandara, IU: “okay”
they were dropped from room IU, IU Suzy & Sandara Minzy close their eyes without being aware of the mask by entering IU in thecar wearing a mask Wooyoung because Wooyoung,then they got home Junho,Wooyoung opened the door for IU Wooyoung who are already aware that she was IU with her sweet smile while IU who do not know that it’s been Wooyoung whosmiled sweetly as he hated
Wooyoung: “hi do you want to dance with me?”
IU: “yess” they were all dancing Junho who dance party just got a drink and see all the dance
G-dragon: “My cousin Junho why do not you dance?”
Junho: “hahaha my mate is yet to come”
G-dragon: “Junho you know who he was?” He assign it to the direction of IU
Junho: “I know where he had a mask on how do I know but I think he already has an a boyfriend”
G-dragon: “I do not care that I would approach him I would come down to the bottom” said G-dragon while leaving Junho
Junho: “G-dragon so do not let you make my party is corrupted”
G-dragon: “of course not” G-Dragon also meet at IU who wass taying Wooyoung to the bathroom
G-dragon: “hi what’s your name?”
IU: “my name IU what about you?”
G-dragon: “oh beautiful name as the person, my name G-dragon”
IU: “thank you”
G-dragon: “ur welcome, um if you already have boyfriend?”
IU: “what do you mean?”
G-dragon: “I mean I just want to know just”
IU: “oh”
G-dragon: “may I know your phone number?”
IU: “okay, mmm I will give my phone card you can contactme”
G-dragon: “okay” IU also gave his business card
G-dragon: “bye ~”
IU: “bye ~” G-dragon was gone
Wooyoung: “hi sorry for too long, just was who?”
IU: “oh it’s G-Dragon, can you take me home?”
Wooyoung: “yes of course” Wooyoung IU also drove home andhis party came to an end
next day

click here for Indonesian version of the high-lover



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