#eps 4

in kirin
Suzy: ” hi IU there what you seem to keep a smile this morning”
IU: “yes you’re right Suzy like myself just want to smile and hold”
Minzy: “IU do not smile the smile itself continues to be seen latermistaken for mad”
Sandara: “yes Minzy right IU”
jia: “can I makes recommendations with you?”
Minzy: “Surely you do in exams mate Junho singing?”
jia: “yes you did mate Seulong right?”
Minzy: “yes we even have a pair”
Suzy: “yes, Minzy knpa you have not told us?”
Minzy: “sorry I forgot all right to make up for my forgetfulness I’ll buy you”
Jiyeon: “hello can I sit here”
Sandara: “please”
Minzy: “yes I’ve also’ll treat you right now please you guys want?”
on the other table
nickhun: “yes, wooyoungie why do you seem so happy”
lee hyun woo: “of course he’s happy just to dance last night anddrove her home IU”
Wooyoung: “Yapp it’s true I’m so very happy woo”
taecyoen: “We feel equally as happy as wooyoungie”
Wooyoung: “Junho do you know who called G-dragon?”
Junho: “he’s my cousin, why him? is he making trouble?”
Wooyoung: “no he did not do the problem only can you say with yourcousin not to pursue IU?”
Junho: “so a woman who is a night that IU sorry I do not know butstill I would tell him”
Wooyoung: “thank Junho”
Junho: “thanks again wooyoungie”
nickhun: “wooyoungie, i know my singing exam tomorrow and younever exercise IU”
Wooyoung: “oh it’s our problem own their own practice”
Taecyeon: “you are stupid or wooyoungie bagiamana anyway? iflatian own their own which can be compact?”
Wooyoung: ” out would how try again he hate me”
nickhun: “yes wooyoungie correct in saying what you have tried tookcat IU practice even though he hates you but you have to practicewith him, although only one day”
Wooyoung: “you’re all right I should try to practice with it though a day”
lee hyun woo: “wooyoungie see there was not whether the IU”
Wooyoung: “yes you’re right”
lee hyun woo: “then who the man who next?”
Junho: “It was what the G-dragon with IU him?” without considering Junho Wooyoung the pursuit of IU
Wooyoung: “stubborn woman” IU was stopped and stopped runningWooyoung
IU: “What do you mean calling me that?”
Wooyoung: “never mind just forget about what you do not remembersinging exam tomorrow it’s you and me so let’s duet partnerpracticing” said IU’s hand, pulling Wooyoung
IU: “You do not have manners yes?” Said IU said, removing her hand from Wooyoung Wooyoung: “of course I have manners so long as you know I like thisbecause IU test scores not because you’ve now we practice” pulling back the hands of IU
G-dragon: “What man are you not? Already know this woman does not want to come with you why are you forced?”
Wooyoung: “no concern of yours, I just want to practice singing withhim so it’s not your affair” as he pulled his hand IU and left G-dragon
G-dragon: “stupid, not know what else Approache”

click here for Indonesian version of the high-lover


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