#eps 2

the next day at IU home
Wooyoung: “excuse me if anyone?”
IU mama: “yes, anyone there?”
Wooyoung: “annyeong aunt IU is there?”
mama IU: “There you are?”
Wooyoung: “I schoolmates IU”
mama IU: “oh would like to invite IU went with you?”
Wooyoung: “Ne”
mama IU: “wait a minute … there ya IU your friends to come”
IU: “yes mom (IU was down from the top) you doing here?”
IU mom:”mother lived in. ”
IU-Wooyoung: “yes”
IU: “to what you come here?”
Wooyoung: “I certainly want to meet you here”
IU: “I still can time doing your own way”
Wooyoung: “ye were lucky anyways also wanted to have with the weather too wet”
IU: “I could be there already pake umbrella” IU went away leavingWooyoung
Wooyoung: “the basic stubborn girl in whom the other would immediately receive with a hard fist while she was with him I was worried he’d better follow him” Wooyoung continued to follow untilthe end umbrella IU who take flying
IU: “Well my umbrella there is this how I’d better stop shelter first”
in the car
Wooyoung: “like who I thought for sure this will happen(Wooyoung had stopped in front of the bus stop and then rolled down his car) ride fast stubborn woman you’ll be late”
IU: “I already told you anymore I can go alone to understand”
Wooyoung: “but the rain is torrential rain to stop if you can waittoo late you know teachers really do not like han latecomer”
IU: “Where ya emm how well you really do not like the teacher hanlatecomer okay but this is only because the teacher han not because I want with you”
Wooyoung: “yes, I know it (to myself) my goodness I ride with himyess I did”
IU: “why do you smile like that”
Wooyoung: “nothing”
when he got kirin
Minzy: “hi Suzy see whether it was not why he came to IU withWooyoung? not he hated by Wooyoung”
Suzy: “yes you’re right Minzy do not start liking him Wooyoung”
Sandara: “you should not gossip much better now we enter the classroom teacher han here soon” after the lessons they hanteacher went to the canteen
Sandara: ” IU before you leave with Wooyoung what you’re going out with him?”
IU: “of course not, and I had met because he cuman chance of rain this morning”
Sandara: “true?”
IU: “I really do not lie”
Taecyeon: “hi can I join you?”
Minzy: “yes, of course”
Taecyeon: “can I take CH?”
Sandara: “yes” CH was sitting with IU Sandara and Minzy
Taecyeon: “where Suzy?”
Minzy: “He was in the karaoke was latian voice he said”
taecyoen: “oh so”
Wooyoung: “stubborn woman why do not you thank me?”
IU: “to what I say thank you?”
Wooyoung: “yes you thought this morning was what?”
lee hyun woo: “emm what happened this morning Wooyoung do not you two going out huh?”
IU: “woo her only as good as you talk like that and he’s not going out anyway, I also do not like it”
Junho: “never mind knapa this fight so you better come with methis evening to my house because there will be a party”
Sandara: “definitely a great party fun I would have come up withIU Minzy and Suzy do not you?”
Minzy & IU: “yes”
Junho: “mmm, you do not forget to wear a mask because it ismasked ball theme”
Minzy: “all right kirin IU Sandara came home from our first stop,do not forget invites Suzy”
IU & Sandara: “okay”

click here for Indonesian version of the high-lover



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