#eps 1

kirin art school who can only enter with a clever pupil of students who sing, dance and acting. at the moment there are 200 students who audition are accepted by the principal one of which is the coolest man named CH or a cute and handsome well as the name suggests they are cute and handsome hell they actually do not want to say so but that’s the nickname of their own CH.CH consists of Wooyoung, Taecyeon, nickhun, lee hyun woo & Junho they were handsome si.CH Yapp’s really famous in korea, but there are four people who yeoja not like they are the same CH IU, Suzy, Sandara & minzy.mereka not like it at behavior of CH CH if they were so cute that one day the four of them sat in the cafeteria again and discuss the CH who recently made his debut
IU: “you are what you already know the CH debut?”
Suzy, Sandara & Minzy: “yes we already know”
Suzy: “I think they sound mediocre”
Sandara: “yes you’re right Suzy did they not sound good, I thinkthey sound bad”
Minzy: “I agree with you”
Wooyoung: “if you want us talking in front of him immediately wrote back not on his” word Wooyoung who was passing in front of them
IU: “instead of your ugly affair” said Suzy left IU, Sandara & Minzywith Wooyoung
Wooyoung: “hey you guys who does not seem like she was withme”
Minzy: “I do not hate him right with you”
Sandara: “never mind Minzy we get out of here let Suzy” theywere going to leave Wooyoung
lee hyun woo: “Wooyoung is why you own it” woo said ingoingand immediately put his arm around Wooyoung
Wooyoung: “I am not just thinking if I was wrong if we debut?”
lee hyun woo: “of course is why do not you think so”
Wooyoung: “woo so you know there are four women who do not like us but I liked one of them”

lee hyun woo: “what? you like one of them is not whether it’s timeyou said you can not forget about your ex-girlfriend used her name?”
Wooyoung: “lee jieun, yes, but since I saw him I felt there was something different about me woo”
lee hyun woo: “it is better now that we go to class”
Wooyoung: “you’re right woo” they went in kekelas
in class j
han teacher: “My disciple students have exams soon you’ll besinging duets in pair with k classes you’re all coming to a dancepractice room in there you will mention your name and your spouse and you will choose which song would you sing”
disciples: “yes, teachers’
next day the whole j & k graders entering the practice of teachersand teacher yan han mention duet partner
han teachers:”children in the morning it’s time to call her duetpartner duet singing exam’s start with lee hyun woo Jiyeon pleasestep forward “they move forward
yan teacher: “Please select which song would you sing”
le-hyun woo Jiyeon: “Ne” and they chose the song lonely
teacher yan: “emm next step forward nickhun & victoria”
han teacher: “Please select a song”
nickhun-victoria: “Ne” they chose the song some day
han teacher: “jia with Junho next step forward”
teacher yan: “please select the song”
Junho-jia: “Ne” they choose a song it hurts
next,teacyeon-Suzy: with out you, Seulong-Minzy: haru haru,key-Sandara: lies
han teacher: “and the last one IU with Wooyoung”
teacher yan: “please select the song”
IU: “What? None other than his spouse?”
teacher yan: “do not have any song you choose”
IU: “Ne” they also chose a song we belong together
then they rested
in the cafeteria
IU: “shit shit” said IU sputter
Suzy: “hi how are you?”
IU: “this is all because of one member of CH because it’s what’s her name Wooyoung”
Suzy: “thank God you were with him instead of me but it seems tome after I knew him very well Taecyeon”
IU: “why are you the same good looks you’ve been struckTaecyeon”
Suzy: “maybe you’re right I was struck IU looks Taecyeon”
IU: “Suzy you’re sick, do not you remember we are hated CH”
Suzy: “yes I know but I now have started to like them IU”
IU: “You are outrageous Suzy” Suzy said as she left IU
Sandara: “Suzy’s wrong with him?”
Suzy: “I do not know Sandara I also wonder what happened to him”
Minzy: “hold on your face like he was happy? what’s wrong with you?”
Suzy: “I’m falling in love Minzy” Suzy said as he passed her and Sandara Minzy
Minzy: “did you fall in love with Suzy you fall in love with who?”
Sandara: “think about with whom she falls in love?”
Minzy: “I do not know Sandara”

click here for Indonesian version of the high-lover



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